Can someone please help me sanitize my POST credit card data?

I am trying to sanitize my POST credit card data. I have tried the solutions online but can’t seem to get FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING to work. Any help would be appreciated.

            $trans = new SecurePay();

            //PLEASE SANITIZE $_POST data. We will be heavily marked down otherwise.
            //THIS will need to put put into a form and posted to the confirmation page.
            //get values from form and set them to variables

            $creditcard = $_POST['creditcard'];
            $ExpYear = $_POST['ExpMon'] . "/". $_POST['ExpYear'];
            $CVV = $_POST['CVV'];

            $trans->cardnumber = $creditcard;
            $trans->expiry = $ExpYear;
            $trans->cvv = $CVV;
            $trans->orderId = "PO123456";
            $trans->amount = str_replace(".","",urlencode("100.00"));

            $responseCode = $trans->processPayment();

            /* If the response code is 00 (success from securePay), send an email and redirect to confirmation page, if not display an error */
            if ($trans->getLastResponseCode() == "00") {
                header("Location: $ConfirmationPage", false);
                } elseif ($trans->getLastResponseCode() == "") { 
                    echo "<h1> No Card Details Entered</h1>";
                } else {
                    echo "<h1>".$trans->getLastResponseCode()."     ".$trans->getLastResponseText()."</h1>";

Thanks for the help! 😀


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