Converting stringified array into actual array

The DB I am working with has an array of strings stored as a text value, such as:

“[\”Radio\/CD\”,\”TV\”,\”Weight Gauge\”]”

(no idea why stored like this)

Anyway, I need to convert it into a regular array, such as:

Array (
[0] => Weight Gauge
[1] => TV
[2] => Radio/CD )

Because of the way its stored I can’t do a regular php explode, eg:

    $input  = '"[\"Radio\\\/CD\",\"TV\",\"Weight Gauge\"]"';
    echo "Input string:<br>" . $input . "<br><br>";
    $output = explode(",", stripslashes($input));

The resulting array ( not how I want it ):

Array ( [0] => “[“Radio/CD” [1] => “TV” [2] => “Weight Gauge”]” )



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