How to access Xml Node with name formed only by numbers using C# and XPath

consider this following XML generated by one tool:

            <VideoThumbnailUrl>URL Text</VideoThumbnailUrl>
            <VideoThumbnailUrl>URL Text</VideoThumbnailUrl>
            <VideoThumbnailUrl>URL Text</VideoThumbnailUrl>

Where GameToVideoMap is a dictionary. I want to access the URLs using a XPath string generated by some function. So I would have the following command:

string path = "/root[1]/GameToVideoMap[1]/200000001120460[1]/VideoThumbnailUrl[1]";
XmlNode targetNode = targetDoc.SelectSingleNode(path);

The problem is that the SelectSingleNode raises an exception “Expression must evaluate to a node-set.”. If I use the path only as:

string path = "/root[1]/GameToVideoMap[1]";

Then if works nicely and I can see that it has a child node named “200000001120460” on the debug mode on Visual Studio like it is on the XML document. So I think that my problem is that the node’s number is formed only by digits. Is there a way to escape the name of the node to be able to use the XPath query for a XML in that format? Or am I doing something wrong that I didn’t notice. Thanks for the time.


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