include variable to html title [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

config.php ( edited but still have same problems ):

$judul ="my site title";

my index.php:

mysql_connect($server,$login,$pass) or die("Nggak bisa koneksi");
$fail = "&nbsp;";

<title><? echo "$judul"; ?></title>

the result is my website title is

<? echo "judul; ?>

not like i want to…

Is there anything that I should change?
the goal is:
I want to put some variable like footer copyright title inside config.php so if I need to edit it’s only need to edit config.php

by the way thank you for all answer
it is work now

i use @Tanuel comment

once again thankyou

i vote answer ( green checklist ) based on the first answer, since i use syntax from comment


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