php preg_replace wrong charset or encoding

I’ve this simple code:

function getCleanText($rawText) //removes doublespace and punctuation
    return strtolower(preg_replace("/[\s\t]+/u", " ", 
        preg_replace("/[^a-zA-Z1-9àèéìòù]+/u", " ", $rawText)));

echo getCleanText("uscì"). " uscì <br>";

the function just removes punctuation and double spaces.
Why i’ve this output?

usc�� uscì 

I mean “uscì” doesn’t have any punctuation and the function is supposed to return it as it is without modification. Still i’ve problem with all accented letters. The web page is encoded in UTF-8. if i try with utf_encode like this

return utf8_encode(strtolower(preg_replace("/[\s\t]+/u", " ", 
        preg_replace("/[^a-zA-Z1-9àèéìòù]+/u", " ", $rawText))));

the output is


any ideas? Where i can find some documentation to understand my error?


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