Read XML element with XSD of “anyType” and attribute xsi:type=”string”

I’m trying to read an XML document (which is a SAML token, but its not specifically a SAML related problem). The XSD (see here) specifies the < saml:AttributeValue> element on the 3rd last line of the XSD like this:

 <element name="AttributeValue" type="anyType" nillable="true"/>

It says it can be anyType which is fine.

But the actual XML has tried to specify the namespace and type and my XMLReader is struggling to read it before its not formatted correctly.

   <saml:Attribute Name="Town">

When I try to read the XML using this code…

//This code just simulates the XmlReader navigating over the document, rather than a specific function.
var sr = new StringReader(xmlString);
var reader = XmlReader.Create(sr);
var output = reader.ReadSubTree();

I get this error…

{"ID4254: The AttributeValueXsiType of a SAML Attribute must be a string of the form 'prefix#suffix', where prefix and suffix are non-empty strings.\r\nParameter name: value"}

This is thrown by the System.IdentityModel.Tokens.SamlAttribute class, see the code here

I believe it is the format of the xsi:type=”string” which is causing a problem. If I include xs: in the type attribute of xsi:type=”string” (see below), it seems to work fine.

  1. Which is valid XML? xsi:type=”string” or xsi:type=”xs:string”

  2. Am I missing a namespace reference?

(This XML message is generated by a third party, so I can’t change it and want to know if its valid or not).


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