Responsive 1:1 ratio soundcloud widget in WordPress

The site is

Note that the theme I am using is a child theme of twentyfifteen. You can download the theme files here:!97938&authkey=!AEj9VpYkCRL0SEE&ithint=file%2crar

So far I have managed to make a custom post type called “Soundcloud” and I also have a custom field where I can add a soundcloud link that automatically turns into a widget (thanks to the the integration of oEmbed in wordpress:

The problem is that the soundcloud widget does not keep a 1:1 aspect ratio on all screen sizes. I want the widget to be responsive but always keep a 1:1 ratio.
enter image description here

How can this be achieved? Preferably I would try to avoid using css. Perhaps some php skills would help here?

I believe the problem is that the oEmbed functionality is adding height and width to the iframe that contains the widget, but I am not sure. At least it looks that way if I inspect the iframe:

enter image description here


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