$sql variable can not process one more value?

I wouldn’t write here, unless it was a problem that makes me feel like a monkey with hand-granade.
In my php file there is a code line:

$sql = "INSERT INTO questionnaire2 (fname,sex,age,buycard1,buycard2,buycard3,value,card,poem,ownpoem,whynotbuy) VALUES ('$_POST[fname]','$_POST[sex]','$_POST[age]',{$values['kiosk']},{$values['tradecenter']},{$values['bookstore']},'$_POST[value]','$_POST[card]','$_POST[poem]','$_POST[ownpoem]','$_POST[whynotbuy]')";

And it works pretty well. I receive all the data in my sql database, I see it and I can export and work with it. But as soon as I add one more values, like:

$sql = "INSERT INTO questionnaire2 (fname,sex,age,buycard1,buycard2,buycard3,value,card,poem,ownpoem,whynotbuy,brand) VALUES ('$_POST[fname]','$_POST[sex]','$_POST[age]',{$values['kiosk']},{$values['tradecenter']},{$values['bookstore']},'$_POST[value]','$_POST[card]','$_POST[poem]','$_POST[ownpoem]','$_POST[whynotbuy]','$_POST[brand]')";

(I have added “brand”) it immediately stops working! It stops receiving data to mysql table. How??? What am I doing wrong? I was sitting whole day today figuring out the problem, but couldn’t. Please guys, most of you here have trained eyes and you can spot the issue instantaneously.

The HTML bit is correct, I am 99% sure. At least I am keeping it very persistent with the style when I am having no problems. Thank you so much in advance.


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