try{…}catch does not throw exception in PHP/Symfony2/PHPImap

I am using the ImapMail Library and try to initiate a new Mailbox:

        $mailbox = new ImapMailbox($url, $username, $password);
    }catch (\Exception $e){
        return new Response("fail");

But the above try/catch does not work, although symfony gives me this:

Connection error: (is empty) 
 500 Internal Server Error - Exception 

the Stacktrace

 in vendor/php-imap/php-imap/src/PhpImap/Mailbox.php at line 67:

    protected function initImapStream() {
        $imapStream = @imap_open($this->imapPath, $this->imapLogin, $this->imapPassword, $this->imapOptions, $this->imapRetriesNum, $this->imapParams);
        if(!$imapStream) {
            throw new Exception('Connection error: ' . imap_last_error());
        return $imapStream;

(Direct link to function on github)

It does throw a new Exception, why can’t I catch it?

Any hint appreciated!


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