What is the best way to link web-pages on a website? [on hold]

When developing websites, the way I have usually linked my web-pages is to store page index’s in different directories. For example:


<li><a href="Page/index.html">Page</a></li>


I did it this way so that I could omit the index.html from the URL when the website was finished.

I have also seen people link there websites in different ways such as:



<li><a href="Page.html">Page</a></li>




<li><a href="/Page/">Page</a></li>




<li><a href="www.fakeexamplewebsite.com/page/">Page</a></li>


Examples 1 and 2 seem to be the only ones that work without a server, but examples 3 and 4 get rid of the .html extension. What do you guys think is the best method? Does it even matter?

Thanks 🙂


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