XML / C# Loop through nodes of the same name

I have this XML file with keys and values, and I currently loop through the XML doc, and I read all the data.

However, I have certain ‘keys’ or ‘Nodes’ that have the same keyname, but different (or same) values.
I need to loop through these same nodes within the same parent node.


I need to get X, Y and the Name, and an array/list of the entity.

Current code:

        XmlElement element = doc.DocumentElement;
        XmlNodeList nList = element.SelectNodes("/map/tile");
        foreach(XmlNode node in nList){
            int x = int.Parse(node["x"].InnerText);
            int y = int.Parse(node["y"].InnerText);
            String materialName = node["name"].InnerText;
            for(node["entity"] in allEntityNodesWithinThisTile){ }



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